Sunday, June 5, 2011

My first perfume review: 9/clouds by Brad Kalavitinos of jo5ephk’s

Black and white, laboratory, scientific, industrial, clean, modern are some words that come to mind when I think about the packaging of the sample I received. I sense that this isn’t just about smelling good…

At first, the scent that came out of the spray bottle surprises me as its creamy, milky, caramel-sweetness contrasts with the expectation of the visual. But I notice quickly that there’s a solid edge to this fragrance. It’s not just all sweet; there’s a hardness underneath the creamy sweet, like a steel plate covered by soft wool.  

The steel plate starts to peek through the soft wool. Sometimes it’s vetiver, sometimes it’s angelica root. Then I smell blue. Blue liquid has been poured over the wool-covered steel; it’s rose. Wool-covered Serra sculpture drenched in clear blue liquid.

I finally understand:  it's a play of soft and sharp immersed in blueness of rose. It’s a composition of opposites, sweet and dry, soft and hard, light and dark, as if rays of light are shining through nine clouds.